Friday, December 20, 2013

Good Times In The Snow!

Everyone knows I love a good puddle. Same goes for a good snow day, on my day off!!!!!!!!!!

Took the doggers out for a fun play around, they just love it

I'm obviously taking too long. They have to go up and down the stairs at least twice

We brought birdseed for all the birds in the field. Well, not all, you know what I mean..waiting for me to dispense said birdseed is another story

Then onto the shovelling

My yard is awesome. My big tree is weighed down with snow like a huge snow fort

I made sure to put seed out for the birds, next thing there's like 20 of them, so nice to see

Even did the bitchy old lady's walkway across the street. She's in her 90's so .....

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Carter aka Fatty

Old dude is killing me with vet bills, enough to cover off two weekend trips away in the last couple of months alone

I love to adopt the old and give them their last few years of peace and comfort but really?

Most recently, even though treated for flees, has licked his rear raw! Yuck, disgusting

Thought I had a handle on it last month but the flees this year are really bad. I broke down and got the cone and also some spray for inside and outside of the house

Think he likes it?  I'll give you a hint, he's whimpering like a baby

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

T's 27th Birthday Celebration

We went out to Sammy J's for dinner, then to the casino

We met some nice fellow who kept giving T money to play, all in all $40.00!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Frodo Bodo Had A Really Bad Day

Don't know what happened to the dude

Came home from lunch to find him in his front door bed all messed up

Didn't take much notice at first because he can get in a row from time to time, always wonder what the other guy looks like

I have seen his eye bleeding before but later when I noticed blood on his neck I realized he could have a puncture wound that if not treated would abscess so off the vet we went

Thankfully I did, whatever had his whole head in their mouth chomping away left puncture wounds on top of his head and under his chin. Also ripped his eyelid, vet said he closed his eye just in time and no eye damage, also ripped his lips

They did a mini surgery and sewed him all back up. Poor guy he was messed up for hours after we got home but then just wanted to go outside again, yikes!!! keeping him inside today which is a real chore and unfortunately the others suffer with him chasing them around like a pissed off maniac

This is after a few hours being home. The vet said he would leak a bit, A BIT!!!!

Who knows what got him, either a coyote or a dog. That's the problem when you have a cat that loves dogs, maybe doesn't realize the danger until its too late. However shame on the dog owner if it was a dog

Monday, September 9, 2013

Damn, I Love Vancouver

On a whim my friend and I decided to go to Granville Island and Robson for some fun, shopping and good eats! This is all right in my own backyard ..... I'm in heaven

At Granville Island you will see, smell and feel the most wonderful ripe and colorful fruits and veggies ever. Nothing like what you see in your local supermarket. If this was my neighborhood I'd shop fresh everyday

The most beautiful flowers

And the most mouth watering deserts. Mom and I had one of these eclairs last time we were there

Then off to Robson

Someone is getting these gems for her Birthday, Bwahahaha. Oh, and its not me but mom's the word

Loved these, OMG, WTF

K now these took my breath away, only 959.00

Saw this lady and just had to take a pic of her bell bottoms

My purchases at Forever 21. Lemon top $10.00 and longer top $18.00, yeah love a sale

Off to Earl's on Top for appies and drinks. Love their rooftop patio very much

Margarita Monday

Fresh guacamole made right at our table

Thanks Dale, you turned out to be a great shopping buddy, too bad for you, we'll need to do it again