Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eco Fashion Week 2013

Thought I would post some still pictures of Eco Fashion Week

It was a 4 day run. Unfortunately I only made Day 1 and 3

It was alot of fun, next year I'll make room for the full monty!

For those of you that haven't seen my new du. I'm wearing a completely thrifted outfit to fit with the mood of Eco friendly clothing. Hey a girls gotta help save the planet, right?

backstage tent for hair and makeup. You know how I LOVE backstage access

the models were all young and gorgeous of course

Myriam Laroche - Founder/President/CEO getting ready

Found this designer Evan Ducharme out relaxing with friends

I loved this sky blue suit and he had the most spectacular shoes, had to grab a pic

This is the end of the runway where the models did their turnaround. Thats all the media getting ready before the show

Looking the other way, the models came out at the end to walk the long runway. I was so lucky, I had front row

Had a great interview with Stevie Crowne, was such a delight. He's only 18 years old and had his own show

There were 9 shows in all this night. I was so tired after 6 that I left and crossed the street to my favorite hang out downtown. The Wedgewood Hotel. I always stay there when I overnight in the city. Had me a nice latte and salad then home

Thats all folks

Sunday, April 14, 2013

For F's Sake!

About how much longer will I be alone?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

iPhone5 Upgrade

I finally upgraded to an iPhone from a flip phone, can you believe it!

This is an electronic nightmare at its best. I found myself today sitting in front of my computer playing a game on my iPhone. I thought to myself how silly is this, I should be outside for heavens sake. On the flip side..its kinda good for the brain. I found a game where you have 4 pictures and you need to find the word they all have in common. Figure it will keep my brain working so when I'm a vegetable I'm still smart as a whip, yikes