Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chateau Marmont is the BOMB!!!

We had the best time at the Chateau

this year we had an addition to our team, Erin yyyyyeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!

all excited and at the airport in Vancouver getting ready to leave for LAX

oh my gosh we're here

we could not wait to see our 2 bedroom apartment, last time we stayed in a cottage by the pool and just loved it

our apartment wasn't quite ready when we arrived in the morning so we went straight to the outdoor terrace for some drinks

I tried to get some pics of the terrace before anyone stopped me. NO pics allowed

finally time to see our apartment

Erin and I jumping around her king size bed

T and I had twin beds

they left us some fruit with a little note welcoming us back

loved loved loved the little balcony

recreating Led Zeppelin hanging out the window

after unpacking a bit we headed down to the pool,  more on that later

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Night out at the Railway Club

T and I went to the Railway Club last night to see a friends band, they were fab!

I work with Mikey and have been trying to get the kids to meet for about 3 years now, mission accomplished

T came downstairs in the this cute little number, then I realized, its mine, had it about 2 years and have never worn it. I will now though

between working like a maniac and running errands I decided to just pop into the Salvation Army, just for quick peek, right?

well of course I always find something and scored with these lovely brand new Banana Republic crop pants, there so cute. I wore them with a blazer my sister recently gave me, the whole outfit probably 20.00. the belt is thrifted as well, the only thing bought new was the t-shirt, years ago. Oh sorry thats not true got the shoes recently at Walmart for 25.00

I was designated driver so had to milk my vodka cranberry for all it was worth. thought the guys would be on at 10pm but they were the 4th band so didn't leave until 3am, should have taken a cab but to downtown would have been around 160 round trip, NOT

thats Mikey with the trombone on the left

funny at one point T got up and next thing I saw her hugging some guy. I looked at him and thought he looked familiar but then I thought what do I know

turns out its Adam, T grew up with him and he's in Mikeys band, small world, it was good to see him

Adam is drums

gotta say this rapper on the right caught me off guard, he was good

and as usual we met some new friends and we all danced Mikey's entire set

its hard to get a pic without the brass in Mikeys face

the boys were quite humorous with their hijinks