Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Suck It Up When You Can Bust It Up - Webisode 2 - Day 3 - Skating

Yeah, Heathers here

Oh, look who got their toes done, damn, now I've gotta do mine. they look like little tuxedos

I generally eat like a bird, look at all this food I'm bringing to work, its like I'm eating for 3 here

yikes I fell down today, no harm done. well except to my left side but I'll survive, don't bounce so well anymore. Heh heh, Heather was teaching me a figure skating lux...not really she was teaching me to stop properly

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Suck It Up When You Can Bust It Up - Webisode 1 - Day 2 - Skating


Start off with a hearty meal, well this is hearty for me

get to the rink on time so as to not waste any time

got my season skate pass, yyyeeeeaaaahhhhh

wait for Heather......where is Heather she F#$*&( stood me up!

no worries, I managed just fine

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why Suck It Up When You Can Bust It Up - Day 1 - Skating

This is how you outwit and look better than your professional skater friend

first paint your nails so they look pretty, even though they'll be under gloves, you'll KNOW they look good

then eat a good meal, you'll need your energy so you can skate longer than her

then coordinate and wear fur, even if you fall down all eyes will be on you

if you need to, wear sunglasses, they'll make you look younger

take advil before you go, this way it won't hurt so much

don't forget to bring lip gloss, that way you'll look fresh in all your pictures

look at her show off her new figure skates

don't forget to take unflattering pictures, tell her she looks great knowing you've cut her head out of the picture

I knew it...already threatening me with her skate guard

pose whenever possible and look cute

when getting on the ice for the first time since you were a teenager, exude confidence, like, no problem

while she asks, "do my feet stink" just to show off how flexible she is

do the same

ta da! we did it, here I thought what a leisurely night skating would be, had no idea what an actual workout it would be

however, when she complains about how tired she is, play along and pretend you are as well

then go home, have a coffee and drambuie and wonder if you can do it again tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cancun - 9

Every morning and night started and left off like drinking latte's with tequila liquor, yum

got a mock Micheal Kors purse

our last day we all hung out by the pool, then packed, then hung out by the pool ordering room service and drinking

couple of last minutes photos

then off to hopefully sleep our way home, well some people did anyways

so mad when we arrived, we all split up and went to our cars, mine of course wouldn't start. I thought someone tried to break in and drained the battery so I flagged down Dave's parents for a jump

low and behold some A HOLE had hit my car and just left it that way so it set off my alarm and drained my battery

we had no jumper cables but J is a thinker and went around and grabbed them from other peoples trucks, we put them back of course, just borrowed them

got my loot, oh and 4 cartons of cigarettes to boot! damn gotta quit that soon

here are some more random photos I just received

these are the Rio Secreto caves I was telling you about. they are 2 million years old, can you imagine

getting blessed before entering

our guide

I'm very boyant and couldn't keep my legs down, I just floated along in the current created by  everyone else

this was so awesome and will go down as a highlight of things i've done
here is the flicker link if you would like to see all of the photos

we had a great time. it was really fun seeing how the kids have all grown up to be lovely adults

I really enjoyed meeting Dave's parents. they live just down the street from me. I asked T why I had never met them before. she said Oh Mom we had to keep you guys apart or else you would have known what we were up to all the time... heh heh, you got it