Monday, April 30, 2012

Music outside the box

He he, another Guest blog

T and J decided to try something completely different, the Symphony

she said they loved it, the Orpheum is some pretty good digs

You look stunning T

Sunday, April 29, 2012

And then they were gone

For those of you that know me, I always have my french manicured nails

i'm saving up for a trip to New York and decided to cut back on frivolous items

one such item, my pretty long beautiful french manicured nails, sniff sniff

i'll miss you so, I smiled everytime I looked down at you

in the meantime, I decided to take advantage of the stellar pops of color out there

T had a fright the other night

creepy dude was hanging outside her suite in the courtyard

I picked her up and she spent the night at home...we decided right then and there that I would secure all the windows and patio door

tools of the trade, yes more tools of the trade

cut pieces of wood into all the windows and doubled up with window locks

and...a fog horn. the only way to get into this suite now is to break a window. I've always taught T that if anyone ever breaks into the house and she can't get out, to pick up something and huck it through the window to break it. that way people outside will hear the breaking glass. you never want to be trapped inside with someone

the new windows are harder to break than the old ones so we got her a fog horn to blow if she hears someone breaking the glass to get inside

yeah, were just a bit paranoid, but can't be too careful, her suite is on the ground floor of all places

T is so sweet, she gave me a bracelet i've admired FOR EVER!

night night

Friday, April 27, 2012

Its Khaki weather you know

I'm wearing:

thrifted burst of fushia blouse
American Eagle khakis
BCBG pumps
H&M khaki jacket

I recently thrifted this fusia blouse, love it, love it. I've been dying to wear it and hey, finally did!

wore my hair in a backcombed du

now that it feels like spring I broke out a spring jacket

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Color Blocking

I'm wearing:

H&M top and long red coat
Dynamite wide leg trousers (a new store I've discovered and just love)
Tobias charcoal blazer
thrifted belts
thrifted see thru pumps
thrifted, garage sale and gifted bangles
airport bought watch
Aritzia hat

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mom and Dad's April/12 - 4

Mom and Margo going to run some errands

Dad and I were going to hang out and go for lunch but Mom called to say they would be back before they knew it and asked us to wait for them

we went to my favorite breakfast restaurant

Grandma's old store

that night Margo and Mom and I went to the casino


my 20.00 limit

well now, looks like somebody doesn't like the paparazzi, got something to hide do you?

I learned to sneak up from behind then, don't have to tell me twice

then more of this...

and OMG some of this...

then home again, see ya

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mom and Dad's Apr/12 - 3

We went to a church roast beef dinner in a village even smaller than Mom and Dads. say, is it possible there is a village smaller than Mom and Dads? yes, I say, there is

the lover waiting for us at home

for heavens sake Mother, why do you have such yumminess at home when you know I can't resist, even when I'm so full I swear I can't eat anymore

get my theme style verbage with chosen topic. no worries, God has a sense of humour I'm sure


Hm, look who's stuck in the sink. what to do, what to do

I know its like Noah's ark around here but dude, YOU ARE NOT MOVING IN

this picture doesn't do his hairyness justice, I could see his eyes and practically calculate what he was thinking

I broke out the tools of the trade, yes, I have tools of the trade


(no spiders were harmed in the creation of this blog entry)