Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mom and Dad's Apr/12 - 3

We went to a church roast beef dinner in a village even smaller than Mom and Dads. say, is it possible there is a village smaller than Mom and Dads? yes, I say, there is

the lover waiting for us at home

for heavens sake Mother, why do you have such yumminess at home when you know I can't resist, even when I'm so full I swear I can't eat anymore

get my theme style verbage with chosen topic. no worries, God has a sense of humour I'm sure


Hm, look who's stuck in the sink. what to do, what to do

I know its like Noah's ark around here but dude, YOU ARE NOT MOVING IN

this picture doesn't do his hairyness justice, I could see his eyes and practically calculate what he was thinking

I broke out the tools of the trade, yes, I have tools of the trade


(no spiders were harmed in the creation of this blog entry)

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