Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mom and Dad's Apr/12 - 2

The next day Margo came, yyyeee!!!! I haven't seen her in ages. I was bugging her for showing favorites with Dave. seems everytime he comes she comes, sibling rivalry on my part

I picked her up at the train

the weather was so nice, worked its way up to 29 by the day I was leaving

lots of fun things to drive, I drove the tractor and the golf cart in one afternoon

we got a bunch of yard work done

Margo being silly in Mom's waist band jeans, yuck, glad they are finally downgraded to yard clothes

this Maple we thought had to be cut down because it was in the way for the tractor, we managed however to replant it, I like it alot more where it is now, hopefully it will live

look'n good

of course after that hard work there was more of this...

and 3 pieces of that, and plenty more where that came from

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