Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Their version, my knockoff

Today i'm launching a new segment called their version, my knockoff

its reserved for items that I lust after but refuse to spend the money on

for as long as I can remember i've wanted a pair of Hunter Boots, at a starting price of 125.00, not going to happen

i've forever been laughed at for walking around in my either hunting or gardening rubber boots. living in BC my answer is "what, where are yours?" I think its quite normal and everyone should have a pair. i'm also short so my pant legs are always too long and they get soaked

mom if your reading this i'm size 7. for those of you that don't know my mom she is the best bargain hunter on earth! if you see them at any garage sale or thrift store please pick them up

so here is segment number 1

their version

they are extremely wonderful and shiny and come in every color you can think of. I just love the buckle

and look, they have accessories

fluffy sock liners, in my dreams

they even have a version that sells only at Jimmy Choos for 395.00

my knockoff

found today at of all places Superstore. for you people back east I think the equivalent is Loblaws

Monday, September 27, 2010

Brother Daves workmanship never ceases to amaze

I was day dreaming just the other day about how I was going to get the gutter back up at the cottage and was pleasantly surprised to find that Dave went to the cottage and took care of everything for me

look what he did!

he put the rain drip all around the roofline

he put up the gutter that I collect rainwater with

he even put a mesh guard around the downspout topper

and a protective cloth cover where the downspout goes into the cictern so no tree debri gets into the tank

he also put tar paper over the new rear covering for the house to protect that from weather exposure

wow look at the back of the house, it looks so different without the tarp nailed to the side of it. when I look at that I think of putting fishbone shakes just at the top area there, like from the victorian homes

he also cleaned out the fridge and shut off all the breakers for the winter, does it get any better than that, I don't think so

he reminds me from time to time that he is not my husband, i'm guessing to suggest its not his place to do so much work for me, and I say no YOUR BETTER!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thrift store find of the day

A new purse

i've been lusting after the fringed look recently and I found one today! a lovely white leather purse for 20.00

we went for a nice walk today while the house was showing. it was all fun and games until we ran into the bully malamute that somehow has a beef with Carter. which is wierd because Carter is so happy go lucky. at any rate today's attack was quite nasty. I got in between them somehow as he was literally on top of poor fatty, who I must say put up a good fight himself when he finally clued in that he had to defend himself. I was quite proud of myself, in all the frenzy I was level headed and realized what I had to do, and was actually prepared to do it! I was lifting my left getting ready to boot that mut right up side the head when the burly owner finally got him in a neck hold. we won't be going near him again but I tell ya i'm ready to lay the boots to him if it ever happens again, no more mister nice guy

we are all pooped out and ready for bed now, night night

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chateau - 6

Well that pretty much wraps it up, here are some random photos that I have left

the bathroom for the outdoor terrace was devine

I swore i'd never do wallpaper again but they have it all over and it looks so chic

ping pong table outside our balcony

you can see behind me how messy the bathroom got from day to day

we went for our usual load up on booze at the locat liquor mart

look what I found, this baby is worth 110.00 here

for my birthday dinner on the way home we went to Wolfgang Puck at the airport

yummy yummy

and while eating my birthday meal my favorite sister called to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, how nice of her

and this is me eating my birthday desert, heh heh lots of chocolate

and to top off a wonderful weekend we had a wonderful sunset from the airplane

next year I told T to remind me to book for 3 nights as 2 just isn't enough, I think we might spend 1 night at the Hotel Roosevelt

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chateau - 5

So on our last day we packed and had someone come for our luggage while we went for breaky again, this time I steered away from the eggs and had bagels and lox, it was great!

their so funny there, when you order a latte it arrives in a soup bowl

after breaky we took a tour around the outside of the Chateau on Marmont Lane, that is were the paparazzi usually hang out as they are not able to get onto the grounds

this is the outdoor terrace where all the action is day and night

looking up

if you wanted drinks inside you could sit here

cottage #3 where John Belushi OD'd

Lindsay Lohan lived in Cottage #3 for a year, apparently it cost her over 1 Million Dollars!

this is what it looks like on the other side that we can't see

I wish so much I could have had a look

I popped my camera into the door hole but this all I could see

T got an even better pic on her camera that shows a red entry door, sorry though I don't have the pic

and this is the inside jungle entrance, although we had a key for almost everything we could not enter into the private backyard, but this is the entrance from our cottage area, it was just steps away

the entryway is hilarious, you feel like your pulling into a parking garage, and you are really. there is no street entry so they can be very careful no one can just walk in. when you drive in the valet parks your vehicle, then you go up the stairs to a little landing and turn left into the elevator/stairs area. you go up one level to the reception/terrace area. so funky there is nothing but parking on the street level from the front and no other entrance you can get into that does not require key access

so behind us you go to the left for the Chateau and through the gate on the right behind the big palm for all the cottages and bungalows

the elevators have solid brass doors, they were lovely

they had some pretty niffty cars in the carpark

so then we waited for our cab to take us to Universal Studios. we haven't been there in years but T put in a request to go this time

one of the employees named frank who was so nice took this pic for us. we put in a customer satisfaction card for him, he deserved it

I never clued into this in our past trips because I don't drink beer but imagine at such a family park you can buy and drink beer right in the lineups

not even thinking that this was a long weekend I was pondering wether I should just buy day passes or front of the line passes. the day pass for us both was around 160 and the front of the line around 280. we decided that all we were really interested in was the studio tour so I got day passes. BIG MISTAKE, I suggest anyone going get front of the line

we waited in line for the studio tour for over 2 hours and it turned out to be the only attraction we saw. granted that was all we wanted to see but we would have liked more time to shop around

the Back to the Future clock tower, now this town square is used in amongst other things The Ghost Whisperer town square

Jaws I tell you to this day that movie freaks me out

this is the oldest set that is left, dates back to very early 1900's. things have changed over the years since we were last there, there have been 2 major fires that have wiped certain things out and they had to be rebuilt. for instance the original King Kong attraction is gone but now replaced with an awesome King Kong 3D feature from the newest King Kong with Naomi Watts

our favorite favorite part was going down Wisteria Lane

we really did love the tour, while going through all the sets they show movie snipetts that were fillmed there dating so far back its hard to actually imagine because things look so different in old black and white horror movies

Wisteria Lane the last time we came was the home of the Munsters house which has been altered to now one of the Wisteria Lane homes, also it housed the Animal House and the Leave it to Beaver house. Its fun to see how they change the roof lines to change the appearance

thats all for now, more later