Thursday, September 22, 2011

The lovely things passed on by mommy

Guess who's getting glasses

trying on the new looks

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cruising from Seattle to Vancouver

Some friends and I went on a 1 night cruise from Seattle to Vancouver

we had alot of fun, there were some great things and not so great things

first off we were booked to take the train to Seattle and it was cancelled last minute, we were all rebooked onto a bus, yuck

we all met at a hotel in Surrey, another yuck

Andrea, she doesn't like the paparazzi much

Andrea brought her husband, Mother, friend since 4th grade, sister and brother in law

and Lillian, my bunk mate

what a freakin dog and cat show the bus was, obviously the loose end in our security because it took us 2 hours to get through customs, I could have driven across in about 10 minutes

the Sapphire Princess

we got a State Room with a balcony, it was really lovely

this couch also folds out to a double bed so good for families

while still docked we went for lunch

docked right near the city of Seattle

heading out

our safety drill

at the launch party at the outdoor pool

the Atrium, you feel like there is a glass roof and that you can see the outdoors but you can't, we're mid ship

the indoor pool, we also ate breakfast in this area, we preferred it to the crowded restaurant

at the back of the ship, yet another hot tub, they were absolutely everywhere

went to relax on our balcony and plot our nights events

Lillian bought me a birthday drink and what we thought would be one was the whole bottle of scotch

then we met with Andrea and the others for dinner

seems like no matter who I hand my camera too they can't seem to take a picture, Lillian kept hitting sepia and taking movies

the best pasta soup I have ever had

the amount of food we had was disgusting, just look at this table

then a few of us went to the theatre while the others did, karyoke I think

Korean dummers, fabulous

the one on the left was so fun to watch, she was like animal from the muppets with her head and hair flying
all over

then a big singing dancing show. there were alot of different things going on at once so you really had to plan what you wanted to do

we went to the cigar lounge for a nightcap

we hung out on our balcony until we came under Lions Gate bridge, dissapointingly it was not lit up, very wierd its always lit up

then we just floated out in the harbour for the rest of the night, it was now just after midnight

when I woke up in the morning

Seabus goes from Vancouver to North Vancouver

it really was quite fun, we're all thinking of the LA to Mexico 3 day in the winter