Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chateau - six

I had lined up a great night for us at Voyeur, a very riske club, however when we arrived at 9pm we found out Betty White was inside at a private party for the SPCA, sounds like its right up my alley. they said we couldn't get in until 11pm, yuck!

well that ruined that so off to the Hotel Roosevelt we went. remember we had tried to get in there a couple of days before and this time we had luck on our side

the very first Academy Awards were held here in the Blossom Room in 1929 with 270 guests

this is my new little flower purse, so cute

the corner bungalow in the forefront to the larger highrise of the hotel is where Marilyn Monroe lived. the full length mirror she used to have in her suite now stands in the lobby of the hotel

this is Marilyn by the pool at the Roosevelt in her first ever ad advertising suntan lotion

on top of the bar is Marilyns condo suite during the day, by the way this is not me in the picture I found it online

here it is at night

here is a better picture of it

here is Marilyn on her patio obviously overlooking the pool

here is the bedroom area today

as usual in LA its 800 or more to reserve a table, if you don't reserve you stand

T and I have had incredible luck so far, everywhere we go we don't reserve but just sit at empty tables and usually the people that have reserved don't show up

We did the same at the Roosevelt, however here the people that reserved did show up so we simply moved to another area and were just fine until we were ready to leave

we didn't want a late night because Erin was leaving first thing the next morning so after the Roosevelt another nightcap at the Chateau and our goodbyes then off to bed

T and I still had another full day as we were not leaving until night time

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