Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chateau - seven

So on our last day T and I decided to go check out the Bel Air Hotel which has been closed for years for massive reno's. don't ask me how because I visit their website enough but I had it in my head they just reopened. I was so excited and thought we would go for breakfast

we took a cab all the way into the Hollywood Hills and you can imagine how horrified I was to see the place still in absolute rubble with reno's, well thats that!

these are some older pictures before the reno's

they have these swans housed somewhere else until the pond area is finished

we decided to get dropped off in Beverly Hills and find a place to eat. T got to the know the area and said there was a whole lineup of restaurants

I recognized the street name that the cab driver dropped us off and realized Marilyn Monroe lived in an apartment on and off between marriages there in 53 and 54. we decided to walk the couple of blocks to find the place

here it is, very simple actually, apparently Marilyn lived in apartment #3 both times she lived here. there is a pool up on the patio area

her name on the mailbox was Marjorie Stengel one of her secretaries

this is what it looked like then

Marilyn out front in her car

this is what it looks like now



after we walked back up to Sunset and set out on our now lunch hunt

so here is the beginning of restaurant row. we were looking for an outdoor patio and while stopping to look at menus I looked up and Tommy Lee from Motley Crew was sitting right in front of me

Mel's Diner, I mean to eat there sometime

we finally settled on a great Mexican restaurant we found. we just love Mexican and always seem to be on the hunt.

this fellow made fresh quacamole at our table

it was all a great time had by all, look at me, this is at the airport, do I ever need to get home though, too much good food and drink for the weary

all in all we saw tons of stars this time

Ethan Hawke, Denzel Washington, Tracy Morgan, Richard Simmons. Nicole Ritchie, Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Connie Wilson, Ryan Reynolds, Tommy Lee, Bruno Mars, Chris hemsworth, Pierce Morgan

it was a riot! thinking next year the Goring Hotel in London where Kate Middleton stayed the night before her fairytale wedding, or maybe a cottage on the beach in California somewhere, we'll see, anyone that wants to come keep this in mind

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