Friday, June 29, 2012

A Generation Later

You stay on a street long enough and thats what you see

got this note in my mailbox today

it's funny, in the top right it says average size cup sizes

years ago this was T and Stephanie, the girls on the left are the neices of T's friend Derrik, he would have been one to buy lemonade from T

and of course they all love the fat boy Frodo, who seriously needs to be put on a diet

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Now You See It, Now You Don,t

After 20 years I finally pulled down the jungle gym

I had this built for T when she was 5, can you believe it. It was cool, had a tire swing and trapeze bars and there was a ladder reaching up to monkey bars, long gone i'm afraid

I lent my neighbour a pump for the winter, he was having water problems, to pay me back he was handing me shots of some home made gasoline, yikes, i'm pissed

Friday, June 22, 2012

the Island - 9

Yikes the next morning it was time to go home

I spent the night on and off packing up the car and cleaning

getting smarter, wore grey pants so the grey fur would blend right in, heh heh

crack of dawn at the small ferry

when I saw the ferry coming, it was like the old days were I wanted to bolt from the lineup and go back to the cottage

calmed down and pooped out

front row on the ferry

we're passing my cottage now on the big ferry

I got this brooch, 75% off, love the price

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Island - 8

After Jen and Star's Mike and I went to the marina for a snack, however it was really nearing dinner time so we ate that

then to Jerry and Richards. they have a great place, 7 acres and a huge guest cottage

the deer were everywhere

then back home to a nice wood burning stove fire

you comfortable there buddy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Island - 7

After Mark and Wendy's we went to see the progress on Jen and Star's cottage

their doing great! the cottage is coming along, I think their still living in the garage but guests stay in the cottage

Just an fyi, I'm going to concentrate more on my other blog

it will be more about fashion, travel, DIY's and the meager dating I do, I realized it can't soley be based on dating because I never actually date. this blog will remain a behind the scenes, more for family and friends thing

here is the link if you've forgotten

The Island - 6

The next day we went back to the lumber yard and got the materials for the stair runners

but first breakfast

scanning, scanning


breakfast with a man, that's a first

and a handy man

there, that's better

then we went to Mark and Wendy's for a visit, they have the most lovely waterfront property

they also prit near built their house, and all from natural materials found all around

their back beach house

inside the beach house, looking through the window

their property lies on a midden??, not the right word, the ground is made up of ancient artifacts

any where you dig you can find treasures