Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Island - 3

my usual morning stance

then Jerr Bear showed up with a morning coffee

 then we went shopping, shopping, shopping

she got this black coverup and hat, she is stunning!

after that I had to get back to work, oh I love visiting though

I decided to put new stair tops on, onlyyyyyyy

the runners disintigrated, great

now I had a problem, the dogs were outside, I had to get them inside to go back to the lumber yard.  I made some temporary ones out of plywood and just placed the steps back on to get them inside

then Jerry came back and wanted to start off with some Martini's

I said ok, well I have to go on the roof and I can't drink before I do that make the martini's and i'll go clean off the roof and the gutters and meet you back here in 10

here is the hole, not too bad and its in the overhang so not leaking into the house

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