Friday, June 1, 2012

Dad - May 8, 2012

I haven't said anything since the greatest man in my life passed. Even though I didn't make it in time to speak to him just one more time, I speak to him everyday.

every visit I made in the last year and a half I always knew it could be the last time I saw Dad but damn it when it was the last time I didn't know it and that pisses me off. would I have said more, I don't know, would I have done anything different, I don't know, but now I'll never know

I hope he knows just how much I looked up to him and cherished his wisdom

I hear Dale is missing him something aweful and I feel his pain

here is a great pic of the buds going to play hockey

my heart just aches and more so with every passing day. I don't feel like I'll ever stop missing you

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