Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roof part quatre

By now we were so tired it was brutal. hurrying to get things wrapped up as Jen and Star needed to get back to the city

when I first bought this place you could see the neighbours house, thanx to letting trees grow again you can hardly see it now. you can just see the rooftop. my land was pretty much leveled of trees at one time. the trees are so huge that are still around that we figure they sold at a good price for the wood

after work we went to see Jen and Stars new property. how lucky I am. they already had property on Gabe but haven't been in years. They had it rented out. after going back to see how that place was doing they fell in love with the island again and bought view property. I feel so lucky to have such good friends nearby

here is their new place. it already has a garage on it thats nicer and bigger than my place and i'm not kidding you.. they will convert that into a guest cottage and build a main house next year

oh my gosh can you imagine walking outside to this. and there is a neat sandstone table in the back. I think they said its 3/4 acre, I have half and acre

then we ate this

and saw a great swing band

Jen and Star had all the moves, they were fun to watch

too bad you can't see the view here, it looks over at the island that West Vancouver Yacht Club owns and some pretty fine boats as well, oh well too dark

and after four 10hours days here is the finished product, drum role please

for someone who has never done a roof before Dave was even smart enough to ask me which way the wind blew so he could put the shingles on appropriately

I have a completely different outlook on the cottage now, it looks so cute, my home away from home

a happier camper you will not find

I can't thank brother Dave and good friends Jen and Star enough. I can only hope I can repay them all someday

oh and the news is the city house is finally for sale

look mom I actually did it

well gotta go to bed now, so tired been working like crazy

I think Pumkin is ready too

see ya all

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Roof part drie

with the overhang all built the gravy started to happen, now we can see something baby

Jen having a look

after the one side was done onto the other

I went into the attic to check things out after Dave saw something black fly out. There were no bats inside and all looked well

by the third day we were all pretty tired. Star taking a well deserved cat nap after lunch

at night we would go out to be entertained

we'd have some of this

and look at this

and eat this

and was entertained by her

this is Dinah D she is a local girl on the island and part of the Kurplunks. They have been nominated two years in a row for a Juno Award

oh my gosh I can't tell you what a great time the boys had! I think they were in heaven, the freedom was incredible just ready for anything. This is in the morning because we generally go out at around that time. Everytime you move they anticipate something great coming and are always ready for it

I took them swimming. That was funny. Carter just headed straight out to sea. I was wondering for a bit if I was going for a swim or not. Crazy boy eventually turned around and came back. Iggy just loved to try to drown Carter whenever he came close enough

night night

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Roof part du

OOOOOhhhh look at that yuck. At the front and back of the house there was no overhang at all so that had to be built

at the edges where there was no overhang you could stick your finger right through to the attic

this is how my brother built the overhang needed

because the edges, around 2 feet, were rotten that plywood was cut out.  Then to extend it by 2 feet he put in these 2x4 rafter extensions by cutting notches in the joist so there was around 4 feet of coverage for support. Quite smart

then with the new plywood in place you would never have even realized that the joist were not full length. and by the way i'm probably not even using the proper terminology so please forgive me

this is what the overhang looked like after the plywood was replaced

a vision of beauty

other than the last 2 feet of rot the rest of the fir plywood looked lovely. I tell ya I wanted to wrip it all off and use it for something else, such lovely colored wood

so this is what the overhang looked like once one half of the house was done

Jen and I pretty much stayed below with Dave and Star on the roof. We were the gofers to pick up the supplies, feed and water and clean and drag the rubbage up to the front of the yard for rubbish pick up

as well as the plywood rot there was also joist rot so they were all cut off at the edges too. When you looked at the house the fascia was really bowed so they cleaned that up for the new fascia

we worked 10hr days but I would call the guys down around 5pm. Of course Dave always wanted to work longer. He sure can go

So once finished for the day we do a little of this

and a little of that

and have a cold one of course

anyways thats all for tonight, working like crazy so its a bit slow here

this is what I wore today

here we have a pile where we throw clothes to go to the sally ann. I always go through the pile when T gets rid of stuff and I found these jeans. Love a good find

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The witch is dead and the roof if done, yyyeeeehhhhaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Well things went off without a hitch. It was way more work than I had imagined but we pulled it off

Brother Dave, and good friends Star and Jen and I did it! I can never repay the debt I owe to them for helping with this.

brother dave is on the far left, Michelle and Tim friends who stopped by for a visit, Jen and Star

I rigged up some platic tubs in the back seat of the car so the dogs had as much space to lie down as possible. Worked quite well and they were a dream

they were so excited, not sure where were going but must be fun, right?

sad old roof, I went up and put a new tarp on the roof every two years for the last eight years, I have almost never driven up to the front without one. Although I see here there are two tarps. I remember the last time I put one up I was in a rush and didn't have the time to pull the old one off. It was quite interesting doing it alone but I just did one side at a time. That rear corner here is the worst, you are at the highest at that point.

we rented scaffolding, seemed like a better option to the tie off, besides there is no where to tie off

finally there are no more bits and pieces of the wood burning stove inside the house. this is what was in the cottage when I bought it as the only source of heat

everyone has a wood burning stove but this one was condemned and I never got around to replacing it. My parents bought me heat one year for my birthday, what a thoughful gift. I am now the proud owner of baseboard heating. No more crying on the couch in the winter because i'm so cold!

once they really dug in it wasn't all bad. The fir panelling was in quite good shape. the last two feet all around the house had to be cut out and replaced but the rest was just fine and pretty

that spot that Dave is at was what I thought a soft spot and I walked carefully around it. Turns out there was another chimney all cut out and ready but never used. I didn't even know it as they drywalled over it on the inside and just put roofing over it on the outside, not even a cap for it

well thats all for today, i'll need to do this in installments