Saturday, August 14, 2010

Everyone pile in!

Today after having the jugheads for 8months we were all in the car together

I take them out separately because their needs are different and I don't want anyone getting ripped off

here we go off to the vet

its a tight squeeze but we fit. Good thing too i'm taking them to the cottage for the first time shortly. Putting a new roof on the cottage, they will love it there and they don't even know it yet

we're a little nervous, think we'll get the thermometer up the butt?, likely

all is well, both overweight. They each weigh in at 110 pounds. We were all doing pretty good weight wise in the winter because we can run everyday, its way too hot to run now

on the way home we stopped and donated to Skills for Life and got a car wash

then I did several other things, among them clean up the backyard again, won't even bother showing photos, the dogs have peed the grass to death so will lay some fresh soil on top when i'm showing the house. They also dig and pretty much mess everything up so again a 1 day overhaul. I should just call that a regular weekly overhaul

cleaned the furnace, want it to look all shiny

look how dirty the rag came out

getting ready to go to Beverly Hills with T

i'm thinking of wearing something like this on the airplane

thats all for now

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