Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roof part quatre

By now we were so tired it was brutal. hurrying to get things wrapped up as Jen and Star needed to get back to the city

when I first bought this place you could see the neighbours house, thanx to letting trees grow again you can hardly see it now. you can just see the rooftop. my land was pretty much leveled of trees at one time. the trees are so huge that are still around that we figure they sold at a good price for the wood

after work we went to see Jen and Stars new property. how lucky I am. they already had property on Gabe but haven't been in years. They had it rented out. after going back to see how that place was doing they fell in love with the island again and bought view property. I feel so lucky to have such good friends nearby

here is their new place. it already has a garage on it thats nicer and bigger than my place and i'm not kidding you.. they will convert that into a guest cottage and build a main house next year

oh my gosh can you imagine walking outside to this. and there is a neat sandstone table in the back. I think they said its 3/4 acre, I have half and acre

then we ate this

and saw a great swing band

Jen and Star had all the moves, they were fun to watch

too bad you can't see the view here, it looks over at the island that West Vancouver Yacht Club owns and some pretty fine boats as well, oh well too dark

and after four 10hours days here is the finished product, drum role please

for someone who has never done a roof before Dave was even smart enough to ask me which way the wind blew so he could put the shingles on appropriately

I have a completely different outlook on the cottage now, it looks so cute, my home away from home

a happier camper you will not find

I can't thank brother Dave and good friends Jen and Star enough. I can only hope I can repay them all someday

oh and the news is the city house is finally for sale

look mom I actually did it

well gotta go to bed now, so tired been working like crazy

I think Pumkin is ready too

see ya all

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