Monday, February 27, 2012

What you get up to with no DVD player

I haven't had cable for about 10yrs now so always just had 2 channels. both channels vanished about a year ago so I resorted to movies. now my DVD player doesn't even work so lots of goofing around

after cleaning out my wardrobe and now housing it in 3 bedrooms and the basement I can see what i've got. I decided to try some stuff on that i've had for years but didn't know it

I'm wearing

Avon tuxedo shirt
Target pants
Suzy Shier leopard pumps
Aritzia black floppy hat
Guess long chain charm necklace

I'm wearing

Target pants
Avon tuxedo shirt
Suede sleeveless jacket (gifted from my Mom)
Suzy Shier leopard pumps
Aritzia brown floppy hat
Guess long chain charm necklace

I'm wearing

H&M pants and sweater
Avon tuxedo shirt
Guess long chain charm necklace
thrifted chain belt
thrifted 50's pumps

I know, get a life

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Dim Sum

This time its Sharon's birthday, 40!!!!!!

oh, this is what I woke up to today, funny day, little snow, then full sun with a little snow, then after about 10minutes no snow

as always I'm the first one there, I always look so forward to this tea, quite frankly it doesn't have alot of flavor but for some reason I really like it

I bought us and their kids all chocolate eggs, yumm

same old same old, my mouth waters just planning our Dim Sum

we walked a couple of blocks to a furniture consignment shop I had seen, funny the door was open and there was stuff out front but they told us they were closed. just moving stuff around, looked good though

then back to the Share thrift store, quite a score today, BCBG jeans, brand new, 20.00 worth 120-150

then onto Starbucks for our birthday desert

the flower of the day, orchids

oreo cake and pumpkin spiced lattes, very moist

birthday girl Sharon. she's all worried, I'm like, yeah wait till your 47

and our little Christina, lucky still in her 30's

got my hair done, finally

see ya

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take a walk on the wild side

Forgot my phone after skiing so went back tonight to pick it up at Carla's

that's Grouse lit up in the middle

got there just after dinner so I got some chicken, yeah baby, I love meat. however I don't cook so I rarely get it

we decided to go for coffee and desert in my old stomping grounds

we decided to walk through the woods, even though its pitch black out! yikes

we got silly with our shadows

this house is just over 800sqft and is for sale for 690,000

its actually pitch black in here, my flash lights it up nicely

we pop out of the woods by Carla's work, everything looks safe and secure

this is the new library complex, pretty cool

wore my wellies because I knew we'd go through the woods

yumm, lattes and carrot cake, i'm in heaven

don't even look at my hideous hair, how lazy can one get, just do it already


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Score! a new car

After T's vehicle was stolen the hunt was on for a new one

T got exactly what she wanted, what are the odds?

her last two vehicles were white, I wondered if this one would be as well. nope.... green

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday ski day

Whole different ball game today
we had a fresh dump, the snow line started much earlier, a winter wonderland I must say

another great day

we got THE best parking spot ever in the years we've been coming here

there is Carla by the car

I'm in the middle and our first chair is on my right

we're more bundled up today, it was foggy, freezing rain then snowing

my new Eddie Bauer fur hat, lovely covers the ears perfectly. 100.00 on sale for 25.00


my hands turned pink in only a couple of minutes taking pictures

a boot

the city below



I love this run, the Unicorn, you just shoot right off this edge pretty much straight down, yikes!