Monday, February 6, 2012

My ski day in pictures

OMG, the most stellar day for it

my drive to the mountains, they're they are

through the tunnel, getting closer

cresting the bridge into North Van I always feel like i'm coming home

the drive up the mountain, we always get excited when we see the snow, finally some snow on the ground

into the parking lot

the tips of the trees

Carla and Carrie

thats downtown Vancouver off in the distance

how do you suppose a bra got into the trees, further up 2 boots and a shoe as well

we eat our fair share of chocolate, too keep our energy up of course

yummers, lunch time drinkies

garlic hummus with black olives, artichoke and spinach dip, poutine and sweet potatoe fries

these gals were fun, each had a baby strapped to them and snow shoeing with a dog

absolutely exhausted at the end of the day waiting for our car to arrive

I'll sleep like a baby tonight

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