Saturday, February 11, 2012

My week knee deep in mechanical issues

T's car was stolen

the police arrived at my house friday morning at 4am to tell me they found T's car with the ignition punched abandoned and running near her new condo

no suspects of course

we decided to cut our losses because it hadn't been running that great anyways. we signed it over to the tow yard and simply walked away, bye bye

my treadmill stopped working years ago when I was running one day. I prefer to run in the real world and just folded it up and stored it for a rainy day

now that T has moved out I realized I could start running at night when I get home from work and I won't be bothering anyone or making too much noise

I opened it all up to try and see what the deal is, possibly a blown fuse or something like that. well looks like everything is working fine but the belt won't move so thinking its the motor? I'm also thinking there is a way to reset the console which could also be the problem. I remember when it stopped running was when I was jerking around with the speed and incline sort of at the same time so I might have tripped some kind of safety switch. don't have the manual so have to get my hands on that

wish I knew more about motors so I could test it

me still playing around with my tripod

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