Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mom and Dad's - 2 - Jan/12 - 3

First thing in the morning Dale and I took Snap to the vet. the roads were unthinkable for me to drive. turns out he has a couple of hemmorages in his eye. likely caused from an infection when he was young. all is well, got a double dose vitamin shot, some flea treatment and some eye ointment

we had a fun day with Dad
he was quite excited because he found out it was hamburger day, well this is it!

not very appealing. I went out and got us a proper hamburger, although they were freakin huge

we wheeled him all over the place in this awkward bed chair thing. we found treats and a big screen tv with skiing

Grace came over to the house for a visit when we got home

then we had a black out. if was fine though, Mom had everything ready from flashlights to candles, to treats, to wind up radio, to old plug in phone, very organized

choi for now

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