Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mom and Dad's - 2 - Jan/12 - 5

after Moms market we checked out another one on the way home, lots of lovely things to buy, too bad shipping is so expensive

cute wooden ice box

love, love, love this complete kitchen unit, so many cute cupboards and doors for flour etc...

hot Campbells soup anyone?

Mom digging away in the background

maple syrup catcher on the far right

and as always the day arrives when it's time for me to go home

first a quick visit with Dad

Mom and I went to the cafeteria to buy him the chinese food special

checked out the maternity ward before leaving

David and Margo were born here. turns out the original maternity ward was on the 3rd floor not the 1st, however, the lady told me this was the original display case

then back on the train

then back on a plane, later

Oh here are some pics of some bronze plaques displayed at the hospital from early donators

this one from 1905

this one from 1898

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