Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Dim Sum

This time its Sharon's birthday, 40!!!!!!

oh, this is what I woke up to today, funny day, little snow, then full sun with a little snow, then after about 10minutes no snow

as always I'm the first one there, I always look so forward to this tea, quite frankly it doesn't have alot of flavor but for some reason I really like it

I bought us and their kids all chocolate eggs, yumm

same old same old, my mouth waters just planning our Dim Sum

we walked a couple of blocks to a furniture consignment shop I had seen, funny the door was open and there was stuff out front but they told us they were closed. just moving stuff around, looked good though

then back to the Share thrift store, quite a score today, BCBG jeans, brand new, 20.00 worth 120-150

then onto Starbucks for our birthday desert

the flower of the day, orchids

oreo cake and pumpkin spiced lattes, very moist

birthday girl Sharon. she's all worried, I'm like, yeah wait till your 47

and our little Christina, lucky still in her 30's

got my hair done, finally

see ya

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