Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wine Tasting/Clothes Swap

What a fun night!

T had a wine tasting clothes swap gathering

what alot of fun we had

this is my usual red wine drink, I mix half and half with either juice or gingerale, more like a sangria

the food was fabulous!

we were crazy and dipping anything and everything into whip cream

the deserts were out of this world

then the clothes swap started
I got some great stuff

I had to let these babies go, they pinched my feet

and the Champagne came out, yeehhaaa

then onto the wine tasting, that was excellent, lots of lovely cheese and crackers to mix with that

this is T's roomate, Ya Ya, don't know if I spelt that right, she's an American from Texas originally

thank goodness she knew what she was doing and she taught us what to do

the cheese in the bottom left is chocolate cheddar, yum

my favourite of the reds, Cabarnet Sauvignon

then onto the funny hat brigade

I think I should use this one for our Xmas Cards next year

T gave me these pics, are'nt they great

a very very fun night

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm gonna pop ya right in the kisser with color...see

I'm wearing:

H&M stretch mini (pop of orange)
the eye t shirt
thrifted grey blazer
necklace on a ribbon T's throw away
metalic green Target slings
Sears leggings