Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mom and Dad's Mar/12 - 3

Sunday was our worst day for eating yet, we are so bad, it all starts with us heading out for Sunday Brunch, here we come

Dad drove and we toured around a bit first

I've always heard the story about when Dad was 9 years old and got hit by lightning. this is the first time I've seen the actual place it happened. Dad was living with his family in a house with no water or electricity. his job was to take the bucket to the neighbours to get water, well guess what happened, the little man was hit by lightning..and so his fear of thunder and lightning began

Dads house was on the left of the treeline
and the house with the water, which is still there on the right. he was hit right here at the treeline

we drove past the Blue Church on the way to Dad's house which was just a block away over the railroad tracks, so tiny and the graveyard is very old, dates way back to the 1700's

we also went to the Battle of the Windmill which took place in November 1838, it was the aftermath of the Upper Canada Rebellion

(guessing it was a windmill at one time)

then onto the good stuff, breakfast

the bridge to the USA is in the background. I was quite surprised, the span is longer than Lions Gate Bridge. who would have thunk this huge bridge would pop out in such a small community

we were all so stuffed when we got home we all had a 2hr nap

when we woke up...




after that..


do you see the pattern here?

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