Sunday, March 11, 2012

Moms and Dad's Mar/12 - 4

So my time has ended again, all too soon but away home I go - NOT

did my usual, back to the train then to the airport. my flight was delayed and little did I know...I was going to be left behind

so off to spend a nice evening with Chris and Erin

I must mention right off the top, Chris made these amazing adirondack chairs and painted them in lovely bright colors. each one a different color. I meant to take a pic but forgot so hopefully he'll share a pic with you individually

but met the little gangsters

heard this little vampire was a neck sucker, so shut my door for the night

back to the airport first thing in the morning, was chauffeured by Erin, yeah

have to say my first class passage made up for being left behind, look how much leg room I have, I'm stretched right out


see yah

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