Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mom and Dads Mar/12 - 1

Left Ottawa at -12, arrived in Vancouver +9, yeeehhhaaaa, it was freezing

Vancouver Airport art

the flight was pretty good, for the first time in ages an empty seat in my row

I wore the ring Dad bought me in mexico years and years ago

talk about a hard bank to the right, quite the way to see the city

then up above the clouds

oh oh, coming into Ottawa everything is white, you can sure tell the difference in the daylight hours, this time I arrived and it was still light out, how nice

the next day we started our adventures

first Grace stopped by

then we went to the mall to shop and eat, eat, eat

Dad and I had hot dogs and A&W rootbeer

Mom had chinese vegetables

we dropped Dad off at home and Mom and I went to my favorite Goodwill store, I always always find great stuff here

this is what I got between two thrift stores

an entire outfit and every item was half price

American Eagle kakhi wide leg pants 3.50
Gap kakhi jacket 4.00
BCBG sling pumps 3.50
Beechers Brook shirt 3.99
necklace (unkown) 1.99

the silver flats were the only thing I bought brand new and they were 12.90

that night we had the yummiest pork roast with mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli and salad

and desert


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