Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mom and Dad's - 2 - Jan/12 - 2

Next day came the freezing rain. we weren't even sure if we would make it into town to see Dad but by around 10am we realized it would be fine

I had to take a picture of this rock at the hospital, absolutely everything everywhere was completely covered with solid ice, treacherous walking, deadly on sidewalks

 we talked about food several times during the day with Dad and by the time we left I had my heart set on Thai we went to our favorite restaraunt to pick it up

we decided to just park at the bank because we couldn't find parking and we knew we would be under 20minutes. well I tell you, whomever writes tickets was certainly watching us because when we came back we had a ticket. turns out it wasn't bank parking at all but private parking!

then I decided to work on the driveway and see if I could at least create a safe spot to get in and out of the car. took 3 days but finally made some headway


look at these two little spots I started with. I asked Chris' advice on how to chip away at the ice. he said you just need to get under it. I didn't know what he was talking about until I started to do it, Oh get under it, easier said than done

I'm so glad I found these Baffin's when I did or I wouldn't have decent winter boots. I bought them for skiing but certainly they are coming in handy or my feet would freeze

I was taking pictures of the icicles for you to see

just before we went to bed we noticed that Snap had a red eye, hmmm, whats that all about

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