Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom and Dads - 2 - Jan/12

It all starts off as usual

this time I flew via Toronto so I could arrive earlier in the day.  haven't been to Pearson in ages, lots of restaurants for sure

and lots of moving sidewalks

love walls of water, this is a store window of water

outside it made T.O. look pretty cold

coming into Ottawa it looked much nicer out, however, found out later from Margo the weather was lovely in T.O. where as, it was quite cold in Ottawa, well for me anyway; everyone else was telling me how mild it was out

Chris, the lovely man, picked me up at the airport and brought me to Dad who was in the hospital, he needed a little tune up

looking chipper as ever and loving all the company

this is the crap they make you eat..needless to say we always bring food, one could starve to death without an outside source

hey everyone, don't forget, its Dads Birthday Feb, 1/12, give him all your best wishes

more later

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