Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mom and Dad's Jan/12 - 1

Good times, good times

started off like it usually does, up before the sun and a stop at Tim's, at this time in the morning "I Love you Tim!"

Airport art, hey whats with the wall of water? meaning where is the water!

this is a pretty airport

I just love this line, but soooo expensive

got lucky this trip, a window and an exit row, look how much leg room I have

years ago when I worked for the airlines I saw a terrible crash along this river. at the time I worked in the hangar in the bottom just above the engine  of this picture. our crew van driver started screaming into the radio that a plane was going to crash so we all went outside and ran after it along the river. it was a float plane so took off on the water, the pilot realized he wasn't going to make it and circled to the right in between two buildings so as not to hurt anyone and thought he could ditch in the water but just came up short and hit the dike, then burst into flames. it was quite tramatic.  just then a van raced up to us and man got out crying and yelling who the pilots were as he was the owner of the company. turns out it was two of our pilots moonlighting for a much smaller operation.  how grim that was to have to go back inside and call the Chief Pilot, who I happened to be dating at the time. one pilot was severely burned and passed away, the other.., it was years before he flew again.  his wife was a flight attendant for yet another airline and had just taken off for overseas so could not be notified straight away

when I leave the sun is rising

when I see it setting, i'm there

when we broke through the clouds this is what I saw,  all white, snow as far as the eye could see

I then take the train

Mom picks me up at the same train station Pake and Beppe and the family came into when they arrived in Canada

They took a ship to Quebec City, then the train along the same tracks i've travelled to the largest metropolis around, which by the way is 22,000 so who knows how many back then. what must they have all thought? Mom says they had to wake someone out of bed in the middle of the night because no one showed up. then there were so many people and lots of luggage they didn't all fit. Mom and Grace stayed behind at this train station all alone waiting for them to be picked up, sounds scary in a new Country and all

there is a bit of a debate right now, the city is trying to rent out the old station in the near future, but it is up for demolition and the city folk don't take too kindly to that

its all run down of course, the bricks are falling out from the bottom up

more later

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