Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mom and Dad's Jan/12 - 2

We don't get up to too much the first night as I arrive in the evening

next day Dad wanted to go to the mall

I never shop at Sears but the sales were enormous, an additional 40% off the last ticketed sale price, gotta love it

first undertaking, ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

shoes, shoes, shoes

thought it was a great time to funk up Mom.  Betty, I regret to inform you, you are not able to shop with Mom anymore. I hear your the one responsible for the jeans with the elastic waist band (finger wag, finger wag)

OMG! I love Mom in these pants, she ended up getting them in black, grey and blue

Oops, forgot to ask Dad's opinion, as he yells out, spend, spend, heh heh what an endearing quality you have young man

I kept wooshing Dad away from me fast then hanging back to take this picture, I wanted a shot of the whole wagon train, Mom with the cart and goods in front and me with Dad.  it finally donned on me, "I wonder if I'm making him sick doing that", I asked and he said no so he continued speeding down the aileway away from me

Mom is adorable in these tights and hot new black, almost to the knee boots

little bum bling

call me the closest to being.. but not, vegetarian alive, I get meat maybe twice a year if i'm lucky
yum, hamburgers and fries

later alligators

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