Thursday, September 2, 2010

Roof part cinque

After 4 full hard days Star and Jen left

Dave stayed one more night and made an absolutely delectable potroast. I made a fresh wasabea/mayonnaise dressing and a salad with peaches

the next morning we packed up all the scafolding and returned around 100.00 worth of materials

its almost done, but true to island flavor I had two people stop by to quote staining all the exposed wood and and putting a rain drip around the house, alas no one has called me since

I then continued to drag everything thrown overboard onto the ground up to side yard to get ready to be hauled away. Jen did alot of that for me

I covered it with a black tarp so as to not piss the neighbours off. I hate an eyesore when I have to walk or drive past it everyday

this is what I saw every morning


after everyone was gone I still had two nights so I busied myself priming the loft and closet. This was a gift from my parents for my birthday last year, of course Dave was there to help build it along with my father

I find from start to finish jobs can generally take me up to two years. I don't get there enough to finish anything right away. What a shame I should really find the time

here are some other updated pics I took inside. Odly enough though I didn't take any in the bedroom

time to go

Gabe ferry docking

all pooped

Gabe to Nanaimo ferry, Nanaimo approaching, 20min crossing

finally got my nails done, i've missed it

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