Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thrift store find of the day

A new purse

i've been lusting after the fringed look recently and I found one today! a lovely white leather purse for 20.00

we went for a nice walk today while the house was showing. it was all fun and games until we ran into the bully malamute that somehow has a beef with Carter. which is wierd because Carter is so happy go lucky. at any rate today's attack was quite nasty. I got in between them somehow as he was literally on top of poor fatty, who I must say put up a good fight himself when he finally clued in that he had to defend himself. I was quite proud of myself, in all the frenzy I was level headed and realized what I had to do, and was actually prepared to do it! I was lifting my left getting ready to boot that mut right up side the head when the burly owner finally got him in a neck hold. we won't be going near him again but I tell ya i'm ready to lay the boots to him if it ever happens again, no more mister nice guy

we are all pooped out and ready for bed now, night night

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