Monday, September 27, 2010

Brother Daves workmanship never ceases to amaze

I was day dreaming just the other day about how I was going to get the gutter back up at the cottage and was pleasantly surprised to find that Dave went to the cottage and took care of everything for me

look what he did!

he put the rain drip all around the roofline

he put up the gutter that I collect rainwater with

he even put a mesh guard around the downspout topper

and a protective cloth cover where the downspout goes into the cictern so no tree debri gets into the tank

he also put tar paper over the new rear covering for the house to protect that from weather exposure

wow look at the back of the house, it looks so different without the tarp nailed to the side of it. when I look at that I think of putting fishbone shakes just at the top area there, like from the victorian homes

he also cleaned out the fridge and shut off all the breakers for the winter, does it get any better than that, I don't think so

he reminds me from time to time that he is not my husband, i'm guessing to suggest its not his place to do so much work for me, and I say no YOUR BETTER!!!!!!!

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