Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to me, just returned from the Chateau Marmont

Wow we had the best time! it was not only a lovely way to spend my birthday but good times with T as well

these are a couple of outfits I put together for the trip to Hollywood

I didn't wear them exactly as shown, I never know what my mood will be until I get where i'm going

so up very ealry and off to the airport. our flight left at 8am and we arrived at the Chateau by around 11am, our cottage wasn't quite ready so we went into the infamous garden courtyard for drinks

there are always so many famous people here your not allowed to take any pics in any of the public areas. I only got a few because they were right on you to stop

we finally arrived at our cottage, its like wandering through a lush tropical garden to get there, palms as big as ever and bamboo everywhere, with little grottos all over with tables and chairs and ponds

i'll have to do this in bits as I have alot of pics

crazy trying to keep this house clean for potential buyers, none so far
the realtor held an open house last weekend, about 4 couples came through but no offers


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