Friday, September 17, 2010

Chateau - 4

So after our dinner at Bar Marmont we went back next door to the outdoor terrace and had a couple. lovely way to end the evenning. I was just bagged from the months leading up to this and all the walking and flying that day

Saturday we got up reasonably early and went for breaky, little did I know ....

our plan the second day is always to go to Santee Alley, its this huge outdoor market like in China but with all Mexican vendors. you can get anything and everthing there, its quite fun

as soon as we got out of the cab I lost T immediately so I started to shop. once I found T and she was shopping at the same vendor I started to feel like, hey whats wrong with me. well I found out pretty quick, food poisoning!!!! here I was crammed into an alleyway with people everywhere, it was about 90 out and I was wearing all white, go figure

I told T to find me a bag and I sat down on the side of the road throwing up. I found out later that both times T got me a bag she had to buy something because no one would just give her a bag. at any rate I knew I was going to crash pretty quickly so I gave T a bunch of cash and went to find a cab back to the cottage

when T got home hours later she was pretty happy to see me standing. I had gotten us on the private guest list for the club Skybar and she was thinking we were not going to be able to make it. I was really lucky and only had a mild case of food poisoning. after I emptied myself and slept for a few hours I was fine.

luckily I had already purchased a couple of track suits and T for my birthday bought me these

crushed velvet track suit in black

and she had heard me mention I wanted Chanelesque type sandals. oh and thats the Chateau's resident kitty, so loving

she got sooooo much stuff, I really missed out, I wanted to get some fun halter items and dresses, oh well there is always next time which I am busily plotting away. I booked the cottage for this trip 9 months ago, you gotta book ahead to get just want you want it all books up very quickly

so now its night and were off to the Skybar, its a club that surrounds a pool with cabanas, couches, tables, beds and chairs that is high on top of a building with a killer view, which I didn't take any pics of for some reason

I tell ya we got so lucky that night, I got us on the guestlist but wasn't prepared to pay the 800 fee to reserve a table. its funny in LA if you don't reserve a table you basically stand all night. at any rate there was an open cabana table when we got there so we took it. the waitress said sure no problem but when the people who reserved the table showed up we would need to move. fair enough, they never showed all night heh heh. we met tons of people as always, T is such a chatty cathy. this fellow however stands out to me his name is Poya. he sat with us all night and we chatted up a storm, he's a lawyer and has just branched out and started his own firm

after Skybar we went back to outdoor terrace at the Chateau for a night cap, that is one happening place! everyday we ate breakfast right next to one of the band members of INXS, there were producers and directors and actors all the time. T was especially pleased when Lindsay Lohan showed up. its very exclusive and actually fairly small the outdoor terrace so you can see everyone. the atmosphere feels surreal

now an update on my house selling, hasn't happened yet ##!*F&@%K

yikes it is sssooo hard to keep the house so clean everyday. there have been about 7 or 8 showings now but no offers. twice I had to take the dogs out for about 2 hours for double showings. poor Carter who I lovingly call fatty almost had a heart attack yesterday. the first time we were out for so long I walked for an hour and sat in the park for the rest. yesterday I walked for 1.5hours and that was the breaking point for Carter. at one point he just laid down in the middle of a trail. I was like oh no you get up if your going to drop it will be at home not in the woods! poor guy

so i'll keep moving forward, as usual I feel like giving up because it feels too hard to stick with it, BUT I WON'T, not this time

send me all the good wishes you can please

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