Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Their version, my knockoff

Today i'm launching a new segment called their version, my knockoff

its reserved for items that I lust after but refuse to spend the money on

for as long as I can remember i've wanted a pair of Hunter Boots, at a starting price of 125.00, not going to happen

i've forever been laughed at for walking around in my either hunting or gardening rubber boots. living in BC my answer is "what, where are yours?" I think its quite normal and everyone should have a pair. i'm also short so my pant legs are always too long and they get soaked

mom if your reading this i'm size 7. for those of you that don't know my mom she is the best bargain hunter on earth! if you see them at any garage sale or thrift store please pick them up

so here is segment number 1

their version

they are extremely wonderful and shiny and come in every color you can think of. I just love the buckle

and look, they have accessories

fluffy sock liners, in my dreams

they even have a version that sells only at Jimmy Choos for 395.00

my knockoff

found today at of all places Superstore. for you people back east I think the equivalent is Loblaws

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