Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday dim sum

I just love birthday's that go on and on

my two great friends Sharon and Christina took me for my day today. this is our birthday tradition, whomevers birthday it is doesn't have to pay. today was my day!

I know it seems late but with three kids a piece for them we have to be patient and plan accordingly to get together

we had our usual favorites

Sharon brought the most lovely deserts for coffee after we did some thrift storing, sorry no pics. there was cheese cake, two other kinds of cake, and 3 light pastries, YUM

I had bought a Monopoly game at the thrift store so we played a bit of that to make sure all the pieces were there

Christina brought me this

you have to be from around here to get the joke but I really really don't want to live in Surrey. Christina moved out to Langley which is part of Surrey a couple of years ago and tries from time to time to get me to move out there. not going to happen. at our work there a many crack heads, drive by shootings and mugings so that is my impression of Surrey. just for fun I wore it with pride, heh heh

on the home market side, i've taken my house off the market. I know it seems soon but after four weeks on the market not a single offer, not even a bad one. with the bank appraisal and realtor initial showing it has been an ongoing work load for around three months and i'm just done for this season. I work alot and keeping my house that clean all the time was just very hard. maybe better luck in the spring to try again. in the meantime I think my 100 year old roof has started to leak so i'll see if I can get a new sometime soon

I also went back to another thrift store and picked up a great rattan chair I had seen last week but was sure I could not get into my car. after thinking about it some more and bringing some twine and bungies I decided one way or another it was coming home with me.  i'll take some before and after pics and show you when its all cleaned up and pretty looking

see ya later aligators

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