Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Laughing until I cry

Wow we have been up to sooooo much

I took Pat and Gina on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo.

we explored Horseshoe Bay. i've missed it there, we walked past the house Mom and Dad and Dave and Nancy built. I didn't take any pics, I don't feel comfortable doing that for some reason, afraid someone would look out the window I guess. the front yard is overgrown. all the windows and doors look crappy because they obviously haven't stripped and stained them. it is still such a charm though, silly me I should have taken pics anyways, its quite spectacular

we walked the village and onto the pier

leaving Horseshoe, 1st ferry of 3 for this day

then we drove to the Gabe ferry. You would not believe we missed it by 5 minutes! I was so suprised, in eight years i've never missed it. I guess the Horseshoe ferry left late and I never realized it

at any rate I called Dave and family in Victoria because they were waiting on us with a lovely meat dinner. sound silly? you are talking to a girl that gets meat maybe 3 times a year, I love it! they agreed to delay and waited for us, how nice

so we rested in the car because we have been doing alot of driving. instead of having the 2hours over there that I thought we had 1.25 of another time.

we headed straight for my place

all is dry and well

k, by now it was getting on in time and that drive sucked, it was pitch black and raining the whole way. what a waist of anything to see and sooooo crappy to drive in. we thought we would speed there and see if we could do it in an hour and half like Dave, but forget it

we arrived within blocks of Daves at around 8:15pm. I tell ya I laughed until I cried. I could not find his house and we kept driving in circles and ending up at the same place. I called Daves so many times. at one point while getting directions Gina remembers hearing me say "they've lost it, their of no help to me. don't hang up on me i'll just call back". for heavens sake I swear once we got there it was like two blocks away, we were soooooo close

the dinner was everything I hoped it would be. seems like Daves house for dinner has turned in to what Moms house was for me. the only cooked meals I get all year. we ate right away.

I introduced everyone to flat Wiener. she is the guest I have staying with me from Maddison. i've just only realized she is a she. we took a pic with our host with the disposable camera I bought. when I send Weiner back with her journal i'll have added all the photos of her trips as well

they introduced me to the blonde boy in the photo. I am so bad with names but this is the boy that Rianne is best friends with and that contributed to Rianne breaking her arm, no offence meant

the next morning we woke up to this

a note that Dave had been asked to a meeting, so we went out for breakfast to the Bletheran Place. the old english tea house, many of you have been there

I took some pics of Daves for you all to enjoy

then my time ran out and I took the Victoria to Tsawassen ferry home then off to work

the ferry was late, I saw a rainbow and I let this bird entertain me for awhile, course not hard when you have a bag of dogfood in the car

wonder what their doing now

they'll be back here wed early afternoon and i'm not sure what we'll do yet


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