Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last full day to tour around

I picked Gina and Pat up at the ferry and went back to my place to dump their stuff then out on our last adventure together

I was up in the air on where to take them but finally settled on the Harbour Towers restaurant.

its a revolving restaurant with an unobstructed view of the city and mountains. we had drinks and delectable appys

then we shopped in Gastown, in the 60's this was a huge hippy hangout

we saw some pretty cool stuff, i've been stalking this lamp for a couple of years but oddly the price has not come down, go figure

funky chair, these are really in right now

we saw this as part of the decor in a really out of this world funky shoe store, over the top for me, nothing I could wear, but more like art pieces.

Pat bought T and I these lovely watch rings

 I really adore it!

tomorrow i'll take the girls to the airport for the long flight home, there is no place like home and i'm sure they'll be glad to get there

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  1. Lovely pictures Kym. Mom wants me to print the whole thing off for her. thanks for going all out --we appreciate all your nice gestures.
    Enjoyed our stay at both houses and we look forward to seeing
    you back in athens. Dad said he's treating you so get on
    out to athens xo gina