Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family visiting

How lucky are we, my aunt Pat and cousin Gina have come all the way from Athens, Ontario and Smith Falls, Ontario, can it get any better than company

we went to Lynn Canyon and walked across the suspension bridge then walked through the forest to 30 foot where you can cliff dive

T loves this rock, her and her little friends used to climb it all the time when they were small

we went to Prospect Point in Stanely Park, thats Lions Gate Bridge in the background

things are looking good in the park, we had a devastating storm about 3 years ago, natures way of culling the forest I'm sure, things are looking much more lived in again

we went shopping along Robson street

we met this cool dude with a way out there car, he's been working on the piece of art for 8 years he tells me

we lost Pat almost immediately and Gina and T woudn't budge looking for her so I toodled off to my favorite store, I was convinced we had not lost her forever

Gina had a reading done

I found this sign, hey at least they said PLEASE! hah

I think i'm going to find an old piece of wood and make and distress my own sign just like it

we then came home to snuggle in and drink wine, heh heh, lots of fun stories all around

we had a lovely dinner, I made spinach pie and phillo desserts

its sooooooooo easy to make and because I don't really cook I think i'll make all my visitors eat this very meal

well as I predicted the eastern girls were in bed by 9pm. they both expressed their interest in sleeping in tomorrow but the unfortunate part to that is no matter what, they'll likely be up by 7am.  keep in mind that is 10am their time and our bodies do have a clock, no matter how much sleep or what time you got up the morning before

this is what I wore today

here is an update on Muesli, its amazing how each day brings some improvement

more adventures to come

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