Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where the heck does the time go?

My goodness, how did we get to the middle of October already. last I remember it was end of August early September and I was in California, hm

few new things happening

my cousins daughter Maddison sent me her special friend Wiener, he will travel around the world for the next 7 months then go back home to tell the tale

so far he is scheduled for 2 trips to Victoria, then one to following places, Vancouver, Gabriola Island, Nanaimo, Mexico, Turkey and Egypt, wow wish it was me

after we had much to talk about I showed him the guest room he'll snuggle in there

I also have family coming my aunt Pat and cousin Gina so looking forward to some relaxation

i'm getting a new roof , yuck second one in 4 months. the first was at the cottage of course this one in the city

T wrote off her car. she came around a corner and hit a parked car. not a good day. anyways her car was at the end so now she'll get a new car, I think a sunfire

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