Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chateau - 6

Well that pretty much wraps it up, here are some random photos that I have left

the bathroom for the outdoor terrace was devine

I swore i'd never do wallpaper again but they have it all over and it looks so chic

ping pong table outside our balcony

you can see behind me how messy the bathroom got from day to day

we went for our usual load up on booze at the locat liquor mart

look what I found, this baby is worth 110.00 here

for my birthday dinner on the way home we went to Wolfgang Puck at the airport

yummy yummy

and while eating my birthday meal my favorite sister called to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, how nice of her

and this is me eating my birthday desert, heh heh lots of chocolate

and to top off a wonderful weekend we had a wonderful sunset from the airplane

next year I told T to remind me to book for 3 nights as 2 just isn't enough, I think we might spend 1 night at the Hotel Roosevelt

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