Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Island - 2

I get up to making lovely meals for myself at the cottage

Yum, salmon and a crantini

the pump was a bit messed up for a couple of reasons

the plastic on the turn on valve had cracked and water, as you can see, was spueing out

Carter liked it

the pump had been bled so it needed to be closed and the little hose attached

little river in the basement

and so, I began

I was cutting out pieces of gyproc to piece together when Jerry and the kids stopped by with a nice full sheet for me

later, after I had gotten the gyproc on the floor I realized I couldn't pick it back up because its too heavy.   I waited for guests to drop by. Poor unexpected guests, their not aware of my web until they enter

Tim and Michelle were the first

we struggled with it of course, nothing is square or not in the way here

I'm the idiot that cut it too short. didn't bring my tape measure so I was eyeballing

then Jerry and the kids came back with the most wonderful appies

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