Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chateau - three

Day two

the first morning I woke up at 530am, what the f$*)k!!!!!

it was a bit of a slow moving start however, because we were up so early  when we went for our usual breaky on the terrace it wasn't even open yet.

so instead of this

we did this

we lounged on the sofa on the forefront right side. if you rent the Soffia Coppola movie Somewhere filmed at the Chateau you'll see its the same couch that Johnnie Marco and his daughter lounged on

then we went to Universal Studios, always fun!

and to make it even funner we did front of the line passes, well worth it

this is the outside market area with tons of shops and restaurants leading up to the entrance

and finally the entrance, look T and Erin on the red carpet

the first thing we did was the studio backlot tour, our favorite and can't see it enough times

thank goodness for front of the line, we left this at least two hour wait lineup behind us

my favorite set of all Wisteria Lane, they were even filming while we were there, closed set but didn't see anyone

Gabrielles house

by far the best attraction on the studio tour is the King Kong 3D ride, words can't even describe how fabulous it is. the old King Kong attraction that was there for absolutely ever burned down a few years ago

remember JAWS, the movie that made it almost impossible for me to ever swim in the ocean again

you have to be around my age to remember the bridge from the Bionic Woman

this is a cool Mexican village and the roadway floods while your stopped watching it

still my favorite set, this is one of the original sets from 1912 when they first started filming at Universal, thank goodness it hasn't been destroyed by fire like so many other sets

the Bates Motel

Oh no there's Norman

War of the Worlds

Waterworld show

House of Horrors, it was fun and scary

Terminator 3D

T and I went on the Simpsons ride, its a simulated cartoon ride and boy was it nuts, but fun

the special affects stage was cool, its nice to see how they do things

we had a great time

we went back n forth on wether to do the VIP tour or Front of the line, we went with front of the line because we didn't want to stay too long. at the end of the day we where there for 7 hours and I think next time I will do the VIP. we watched the VIP tour get off  their private trolley and walk around all the sets and it looked like alot of fun to be more hands on. there are also other features to the VIP that sound great and things we've never done.

then onto the evening festivities, more later

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