Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chateau - five

On our third day, an early morning again, we started off with breaky in the terrace garden, still early but at least they were open

then off to Santee Alley in the shopping district downtown LA

things seemed really blinged out this time and near the end T and I realized we went in a different way. we quickly browsed through the way we do like but we were on our way out already, can only shop so long in the tight crowded alleyways

I got some great stuff though, two purses, a great leopard print full piece strapless pantsuit outfit, a Pucci style dress, two pairs of sandals, a track suit and a wallet

then back to the Chateau, T went for another hike and Erin and I went back to the pool then for a little hike ourselves

this is a lovely little sitting alcove in the garden on the way to the pool

now that I see this picture this bathing suit does not do a thing for me, but hey we're all family so why shouldn't we all share the good, bad and the just plain ugly, heh heh

Erin reading some religious crap the cab driver gave her

remember our friend Brett that we met and I told you he had another tattoo that you'd find funny, here it is

its an autopsy tag on his toe, he's so funny. he says it will give the guy in the morgue a good laugh and I think he's right

so everyday we sat on the patio and looked out at our lovely view towards John Belushi's bungalow on the hill on Marmont Lane and the beautiful gardens below.  I sooooo will stay there one day, 2500.00/night but I WILL DO IT!, I might be 100 but who cares.

looking straight down you can see one of the garden bungalows, this is one of the 3 bedroom bungalows

on the upper left just past the parked truck is bungalow #3 with #4 just beyond

you can see the pathway leading through the garden to the pool

look way up and you can see T's hand hanging outside our bathroom window

this is our balcony

this is bungalow #3 were John Belushi died. this is also the same bungalow Brad Pitt stayed in when he and Jennifer broke up and he was courting Angelina

if you stick your camera through the hole this is what you see

they have their own private backyard

walking down Marmont Lane

we didnt' get into any real fancy houses, Hollywood is not the best neighbourhood but this courtyard and thatched roof was pretty cool

love this fireplace, its Hansel and Gretels house!

I loved loved loved this place

we basically just circled around then back to the Chateau

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