Friday, September 2, 2011

Chateau - two

So once we unpacked we decided to go down to the pool for some more drinky poos

first we showed Erin around the gardens a bit, here she is in the courtyard for the cottages

by the buda pool

and in a cute little archway towards the pool.  Erin is not like T and I, no matter what poking and prodding is done she will not pose

the pool

unlike us who love to pose, here we are in matching bathing suits.  just to be clear I brought matching bathing suits for all of us, a nice gold one for Erin but she would not put it on

instead Erin opted for shorts and a top

remember the pics I showed earlier of different shoots I found at the Chateau, yeah well this is my attempt, NOT

I'm so delusional

the new Chateau kitty, we found out that someone stole the one that was there last year, I just hate that, why steal a cat from a good home when there are so many at the pound that need a good home

our favourite pool boy, his name is Nevada, he's an actor from Wisconsin I think he said. he's already gotten a  Macy's commercial, good for him

T and I swimming and meeting new friends as usual. T will talk to anyone. you can see the girl with the white bathing suit sitting on the side of the pool. she was visiting with Brett who is in a later picture. they were at the Chateau for a few days then off to a wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel, fun fun fun, we hung out with them here and there

here is Brett tattoo man, i've got a great pic of a tattoo he has on his foot, you'll see its hilarious

after the pool we changed and went off to shop on Hollywood Boulevard

waiting at the front entrance for our cab, you might be able to notice I am just hammered at this point. started drinking first thing in the morning and hadn't stopped yet

looking towards the entrance to the hotel from the front driveway area

the famous Chateau sign at the end of the driveway

I could not even shop because I really couldn't see straight. that was a bust, Erin didn't get any shopping in either, I don't think because she had too much to drink either

we went to Graumans Chinese Theater were all the stars have their hand and foot prints in cement, my hands fit perfectly into Marilyn Monroes hand print


then we tried to get into the Hotel Roosevelt for dinner. I wanted to eat by the pool because you can see the bungalow that Marilyn lived in on and off for years. unfortunately they were having a private party by the pool and the other restaurants at the hotel did not excite us so we went back to the Chateau


T and I went for another nightcap on the terrace, Erin went straight to bed being 3 hours ahead of us

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