Sunday, April 29, 2012

And then they were gone

For those of you that know me, I always have my french manicured nails

i'm saving up for a trip to New York and decided to cut back on frivolous items

one such item, my pretty long beautiful french manicured nails, sniff sniff

i'll miss you so, I smiled everytime I looked down at you

in the meantime, I decided to take advantage of the stellar pops of color out there

T had a fright the other night

creepy dude was hanging outside her suite in the courtyard

I picked her up and she spent the night at home...we decided right then and there that I would secure all the windows and patio door

tools of the trade, yes more tools of the trade

cut pieces of wood into all the windows and doubled up with window locks

and...a fog horn. the only way to get into this suite now is to break a window. I've always taught T that if anyone ever breaks into the house and she can't get out, to pick up something and huck it through the window to break it. that way people outside will hear the breaking glass. you never want to be trapped inside with someone

the new windows are harder to break than the old ones so we got her a fog horn to blow if she hears someone breaking the glass to get inside

yeah, were just a bit paranoid, but can't be too careful, her suite is on the ground floor of all places

T is so sweet, she gave me a bracelet i've admired FOR EVER!

night night

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