Friday, November 9, 2012

Cancun - 3

The days would generally start off with a meeting of the minds in our pool

then off to a leisurely breakfast

this day we rented a huge van to take us to Playa De Carmen

the resort is so huge, my friends came to hang out with me but couldn't find me at the resort, they found me walking the streets of Playa

us having fun with tequila pistols. if it doesn't kill you it will f you up!

check out these pictures of Karen and I, we barely moved but look at the one below, there's something flying above my head

a close up doesn't show what it is, looks like a ring of some type, I think Dad was playing tricks with my camera

then we went for the best food I had the whole trip, a restaurant on the beach

they put our picture on a micky of tequila and tried to sell it to us for 25.00, right



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