Saturday, July 10, 2010


This job had to be done, yuck and I was the only one, but its done now, 20 feet high, just don't talk to me

it looked like this

now like this

I was hoping I could just lean out the window and spray it down with the hose, no such luck, had to go right out and do it. Usually no problem but it's been awhile since I replaced the roof fibreglass and it gets really brittle. Light walking is what it takes

I will soon introduce you to the hole in my backyard that I swore I was going to name, never could come up with a witty enough name though. At any rate I was going to sell the house with my backyard water problem but my mothers comment of "so your going to sell the house with that problem?" convinced me differently. My mother used to be a realtor so I just imagined what mine would probably say. I hired someone to dig out the old broken drain tiles and replace them with nice new pvc....more later

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